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Why a Newsletter by Ron Chase    
The Path of Succession by Dan Leischner
Who We Are by Dan Leischner
Back to Africa by Pastor Ken Harvey   
CCC Missions by Brandon Chase

Why a Newsletter?

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by Ron Chase 


The Elders and Pastors have recognized the need for improved communications with the body of Canby Christian Church and have decided to establish a regular newsletter as an essential means of sharing information.Future article contributors will include Pastors, Elders, Teachers, Ministry Leaders and Members. We would appreciate any input and ideas you have in making this an interesting, informative and valuable newsletter.

We thank the office staff for sharing their formatting, computer, Internet, web and design expertise. A link to the current and past newsletters will be available at website. We also will print a limited number of hard copy newsletters, which will be found in the office and fellowship areas. If you are visiting someone who is unable to attend our church services, please share with them.

The Elders and Pastors are thrilled to encourage this form of communication to all of our members. You will find articles written by contributors in the first issue central to the Elders. It intends to emphasize shepherd-to-flock communications, including the pulse of our ministries and a wide area of interests for our members. God bless each reader as we begin this work. May it be full of “Connections” that glorify our Lord Jesus Christ and build up the united body at Canby Christian.


The Path of Succession 

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by Dan Leischner

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During our “Kitchen Meeting” with the congregation last year, Ken shared his desire to embark on a process to find the next Lead Pastor. As Ken transitions into retirement at some point in the future, it’s wise for us to plan for the expected. The Elder Team (which includes Ken) has spent considerable time and energy over the past several months considering how to approach the transition to the next Lead Pastor.

To prepare for a new Lead Pastor, our Team has looked at where we are as a congregation, who we are as an Elder Team, and where God is calling us to go. Over the past 18+ months, the Elder Team has assessed the strengths and gifts of our Team, and we have discussed the type of new team member that we need to help us fulfill our mission and vision. We know that we need a dynamic, action-oriented person who can help us map out an outreach strategy to impact our community in a new way. We want to find a catalytic leader who can work with our Team to rally everyone behind a bold new strategy for our church. 
We have developed an initial job summary and this summary has been distributed to several seminaries, Bible schools and churches. We have received a number of resumes and we have talked with several candidates from across the country. When we identify a strong candidate (or candidates), we will introduce them to the larger church population for further review and confirmation. The Elders are conducting an initial review of potential candidates, and then we will rely on the members of our church to confirm God’s leading.

Ken is a key member of our Elder Team, and he is very involved in the process of identifying the next Lead Pastor.  Ken’s insight and experience are crucial to helping us discern who should serve in this role.  When we are ready to make the transition, Ken will pass the leadership mantle to this new leader, and Ken will continue to serve in a key role on staff.
Rather than wait several more years to identify a new leader and enact a new strategy (that is, wait until Ken actually retires), we see a benefit and an urgency to act now. By starting this process now, we know that we do not need to rush to make a decision. By having time to carefully and prayerfully listen for God’s leading, we can be confident that God will show us clearly who our next lead pastor will be.

Change, especially change in a leadership role as important as the Senior/Lead Pastor, could cause us to be anxious; it could create fear of the unknown. God’s word tells us that we don’t need to fear anything; that we don’t need to be anxious for anything. God is working in Canby Christian Church to prepare us for what He wants us to do, and we know that we can trust Him. We know that He has good plans for us.
Change also brings good things. Change will allow us to experience new growth, new ideas, and new people joining our family. In fact, when something is growing (such as a tree, a person, or a church), then it is also changing–you can’t grow without also changing. We can be excited about the growth and changes God is bringing because He never brings us to a different path simply for the sake of change, but so that we might flourish. God is calling Canby Christian to grow in how we love each other and grow in how we love our community, which will powerfully expand our impact as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

Who We Are

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by Dan Leischner

Who We Are-sm

The Elder Team recently dedicated two days to prayer, discussion, and the exploration of God’s word regarding what God is calling our church and our Team to be.  We want to share the resulting Mission, Vision and Core Values of Canby Christian Church, because this forms the foundation for everything we do as a church family.
The Mission Statement answers the question, “Why do we exist?” This statement expresses our purpose, and everything that we do (every program, every event, every activity, every decision) should help us fulfill our mission.
Our Mission: We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
We recognize that from first hearing about Jesus, to learning to trust in Him, to teaching others, each of us is at a different place in our relationship with Jesus—but all of us are growing until we are perfected when Jesus returns. We want to encourage, teach, and pray for people as they grow and mature in Jesus.
A Vision Statement gives a picture of the “completed goal” or desired outcome for our church. If a vision is easy to accomplish, then the vision is too small.  If a vision is so fantastic, so big that it can never be attained, then it does not serve as an incentive to take action.
Our Vision: We are an irresistible environment for all people to know, follow and serve Jesus Christ.
Being irresistible means that whenever we meet (whether on Sunday, in Life Groups, in community service, or on Mission events) we strive to be authentic, loving, and passionate so that others will be drawn into God’s Kingdom. Our vision is partially realized (that is, we already see evidence of this vision now) and yet the vision is not yet fully realized (we still have many areas to improve and grow).  Many people are drawn to the fact that we are a family that cares for each other, we teach biblical truth, we serve each other, and we have opportunities for people to grow—in these ways, the vision has been fulfilled, at least in part. 
We also see many areas that need improvement and attention if we are to be truly irresistible. We want to foster better communication, better connections, build stronger relationships, and be open, authentic and relevant in all that we do.
Our Core Values identify the most important elements about how we do what we do as Canby Christian Church.  These core values guide our decisions when we ask, “how does this decision fit our core values?” or “how can we approach this decision in a way that fits our core values?”  These values are currently being used as the Elder team discusses our plans and goals. It is through adhering to our core values that authentic relationships will be developed with each other, our community and ultimately with our Savior—Jesus Christ.
Our Core Values:
  • Missions-Focused—Create opportunities to serve where we live and around the world. 
Jesus has commissioned every believer to go and make disciples locally, nationally, and globally.  In our workplace, at our school, in our community, and around the world we look for and respond to opportunities to show the love of Jesus Christ to the people we encounter.  
  • Serve the Family—Serve and strengthen families within our church and our community. 
We are a church family and we show our love by praying for each other, by serving each other, by encouraging each other, and sharing one another’s burdens.  We also show love for people in our community by helping with practical needs and serving the people around us.
  • Reach the lost—Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people who don’t know Him.
There are many people in our community, in our country, and around the world who do not know the living God. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to introduce people to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit so that people can know and trust in what Jesus has done for them.
  • Excellence in ministry—Strive to be excellent in all that we do, as unto the Lord. 
When we gather for worship, when we prepare to teach, when we serve others, and when we present our facility, and ourselves, we want to do all things with excellence.  We are ambassadors of Jesus Christ and we want to serve Him with excellence, not simply as a performance or for our own recognition, but as a response to the High King we represent.
God calls us to a purpose with eternal significance; our Mission, our Vision and our Core Values enable us to walk out our purpose together as a family with focus and unity. These ideas have become integral to how we think as a Team. We invite you to join with us in seeking these things for the good of our church family, the blessing of our community, and the honor of our Lord.

Back to Africa

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by Pastor Ken Harvey

A few weeks ago, Pastor Peter of African Renewal Ministries contacted Renee McClaugherty, Brandon Chase, and myself through face time and gave us a special request. He asked me to be one of their speakers and all of us to be leaders in breakout sessions during the week at an International Ministry Conference. The conference will take place at Gaba Community Church where Pastor Peter is the Lead Pastor. Over six hundred ministry leaders from at least ten countries are planning to come to this conference, August 21-26, 2017. So, we are excited to tell our story of how God led us to become partners with Kachungwa Community Church in Uganda. He said our holistic approach to our work there is really rare and would be an inspiration to others in ministry.
Unlike many churches that sponsor children, we have sent many teams to go to Uganda and have developed important relationships with the people. We have sponsored projects to secure clean water for the community, distributed mosquito nets in the fight against malaria, hosted several free medical clinics, built the Suubi Medical Center, and now, under the direction of Brandon Chase, have started a co-operative business raising pigs, soybeans, and maize. These things, in addition to sponsoring a large number of children, along with several other smaller projects, are impacting the community in very positive ways. Our team will include Brandon Chase, Dave Howard, Ron and Bonny Chase, and my wife, Chris, and myself. We will be headed to Uganda for two and a half weeks. We desire your prayers that God would use us in powerful ways and open up doors for future ministry. 
It is my dream that other churches in the United States would see that it isn’t necessary to be a mega church to be used by God to do big things for His glory.
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20 NIV)

CCC Missions: Why We do what we do?

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by Brandon Chase


Canby Christian Church is known for being a missions-focused church.  For decades and generations, the leadership of CCC has made it one of the priorities of the church to be working outside of our walls—in Canby, the Northwest, Mexico, India, Uganda or the Middle East. We support ministries in all of these places.  For as long as I can remember, the budget at CCC has always set aside a minimum of 10% of the tithes and offerings given by our members for the work of “missions.” These funds are spent approximately half in the USA and half in foreign countries. We also support three regular missions trips–the Spring Break Mexico Trip, the High School/College Summer Mexico trip and a Uganda missions trip.  We would also like to have a team visit India sometime in the not-too-distant future—we just need somebody to step up and lead the trip. 
Over the next several months, I want to share with you why we do what we do with each of the missions we support. How did we get involved? What is the backstory?  Be watching next month for the story about how the idea for Suubi Medical Clinic in Uganda was conceived. 
Thank you for the part you play in supporting missions.  Whether that means helping a child attend camp at Wi-Ne-Ma, going on one of our Mexico trips, donating to or bidding on items at our youth Mexico auction, financially helping to plant a church here in the Northwest, volunteering at the Canby Center or going to Uganda.  It doesn’t matter if it’s near or far—you are doing the work as God’s hands and feet here on earth.