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 Congregational Vote by Dan Leischner
Aaron Adame-What We See by Ron Chase
Thrive, Women's Ministry by Andrea Lemly


Congregational Vote

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by Dan Leischner, Elder Chairman

We are at an exciting point in the history of Canby Christian Church as we prepare to vote for Aaron Adame as our next Lead Pastor.  On Sunday, June 25th (following each morning service) there will be a congregational vote to determine if we will invite Aaron and his family to become a part of our church body. Absentee ballots will be available this Sunday, Congregational Vote-smJune 18th (Father’s Day), if you are unable to attend on the day we vote.

The many conversations we have had over the past several months have shown that this church family is sincerely invested in the health of our body and the future of Canby Christian Church. We want to thank everyone who participated in the Q & A meetings last weekend while Aaron was here, as well as those who took the time to write to the Elder Team or meet with us individually. You are welcome to contact us with questions about Aaron or the vote. You can always write your questions to Elders@canbychristian.org, and more information is available on our website at http://www.canbychristian.org/Publisher/Article.aspx?ID=1000151378.

God is at work and moving in our midst, and we look forward to the changes and opportunities He will bring as He leads us into a new season of ministry in our city. Please continue to pray that God will show us His desire for us, and that He will prepare our church for a future that honors Him.



Aaron Adame-What We See

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by Ron Chase, Elder


The Elders have made their recommendation and now desire confirmation by the CCC body. We have sought a Lead Pastor that exhibits decisive leadership with a love for Jesus and His people.

aaron circleAaron Adame has demonstrated leadership within a growing church. He has received a B.A. in applied theology from California Baptist University. He was an older college student, and his giftedness and devotion propelled him into many college leadership roles. He has proven to the Elders that he is a dedicated, serious servant of the Lord. His mentors and professors have said they are amazed at what Aaron was able to accomplish in the past four years with a full-time job, a full-time college-class schedule, and as a full-time father of two beautiful daughters. 

Although he has been sought by two large churches, he is convinced his direction is to fulfill a Lead Pastor role in the Northwest, specifically, the North Oregon sector. 

For a period of time, Aaron was the leader of the convalescent ministry, benevolence ministry and the prison ministry at his church. Witnessing is not a fear but an opportunity he loves. He understands our focus on foreign and local missions and has exhibited his own love for missions by participating in many street ministries with high school students from the LA area as well as foreign missions. He is intentional in conveying his thoughts, and he is not shy about incorporating Scripture in his conversation.

He will train, discern, have expectations, plan with and lead his team for the Glory of God and His people. Aaron shared with me his desire to be a shepherd pastor, to get to know the flock, and to value the members and to minister.

References who have served with Aaron in ministry are convinced of Aaron’s ability, character, knowledge and leadership wiring. Also, his references have stated that he does not coward from conflict but addresses them quickly. For example, when he was asked to lead the 250+ high school youth ministry that had lost its focus, Aaron willingly took the challenge and addressed some neglected leadership concerns successfully.

On a more personal note, when Don Axmaker and I went to Riverside, California, we were invited to Aaron and Michelle’s home. Aside from our ministry inquiries, we learned that Aaron is an accomplished woodworking fella. He did most of the trim and woodwork in his remodeled single-level home. 

The Elders have spent many nights determining the best outcome of this search and the vetting of this man. Many hours of email strings have been reviewed within the Elder board. If the congregation approves by voting their support, there will be adjustments on the staff’s part as well as the Elders and the members. The expectation is to transition with enthusiasm and energy that generally accompanies change.

Though he is young, we are convinced by many experts that the millennial is tough to convince, thus God has provided a person to help us reach an age group that, to say the least, is unique. This being said, age is not a measurement of knowledge or wisdom necessarily, as we have seen in the biblical examples of David and Timothy. Over the next months and years, if approved by vote, changes are inevitable. This is only natural, and it is up to us to find our place in those changes and serve our Lord. 

Please continue to pray, and pray some more. Pray first for God’s will for CCC, for the Elders, for Aaron and his family, for ourselves, and for a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit, uniting us in enthusiasm, commitment and LOVE. 

Thrive, Women's Ministry

by Andrea Lemly

Along with more rain, March brought us at Canby Christian Church a relaunch of a much-needed and desired Women’s Ministry. We are so blessed here at CCC to have a gifted Bible teacher, Jeanne Eyman, who has faithfully led our ladies in Bible study year after year. Jeanne’s example of service inspired us to be devoted to the women of our church.

Thrive was launched with the intent to engage the women of our church as well as those in our community.  Currently the focus for our Thrive team is to build the sense of fellowship with one another. Every six weeks we host a women’s event where fellowship is encouraged, breakout sessions are provided, and a short testimony and teaching is meant to encourage and share God’s faithfulness.

In March our ladies were encouraged to be women who pray. Wendy Hunsaker shared her testimony of how her prayer life and the prayers of thousands were vital to her family as they faced supporting their son through a spinal cord injury and recovery.  She really spoke to how incredibly powerful prayer is. We fellowshipped through each breakout session, made prayer journals, created cards of encouragement and enjoyed a yummy kitchen tutorial.

172651807223760045970423946222April’s theme was all about the hope we have in Christ Jesus. I was blessed to share a bit of my testimony with the women and spoke on how hope isn’t the promise of a life of ease, but one spent in the grip of a God who sees us, knows us and will walk alongside us. Hope can be found in joy, suffering and every season in between. We shared that sometimes the best way to see the potential for hope is to be in relationship with others who will sit beside us when our lives feel like they are on fire and all we see is ash and devastation. We desire for Thrive to be such a place for women who are hurting. Our breakout sessions for the month really brought us into the spirit of spring. We learned how to plant an herb garden and cook with fresh herbs and spoiled ourselves with homemade all-natural bath products.

June 9th is our next Thrive event and we hope to see you there. I know some of you reading this may be thinking that Women’s Ministry events are just not your thing; this would be my challenge for you: come anyway. Connect with Wendy and I and give us some ideas on how we can offer an event that would be a blessing for you. This ministry belongs to all of us, and we want it to be a blessing to you. Our desire is to be an example in these tumultuous times of what it looks like to love each other well. 1 Peter 4:8-10 says this, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”

We have a Facebook page as well,  https://Www.facebook.com/Canbychristianchurch/
If you are longing for a place to connect, please consider joining us at a Thrive event. We would love to get to know you. If you would like to speak with someone from our team, Wendy can be reached at 720-985-3644, and Andrea can be reached at 503-380-9330.