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November 2018



 Thank You! by Pastor Aaron Adame
A Wise Investment by Kari Johnson, Kids Ministry Director
Christ-Centered Difference Makers by Connor Southerton, Ministry Assistant
Mission: Love Your Workplace by Dave Howard

WE CARE Ministry by We Care Team

Teacher Sandy's Testimony by Sandy Poole


Thank You!

aaron circle

by Pastor Aaron Adame

For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all the saints, I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers (Eph 1:15–16).
Fall has arrived. The leaves are changing colors. The morning air is crisp. The holidays are around the corner. This is an amazing time of year! Usually, this season is busy for us as a church with lots of ministries all running at the same time. Often times, what happens when we are busy, is we forget to appreciate all that is happening around us. 
So, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who serves in a ministry and who call Canby Christian Church home. Thanksgiving is this month, which is a great reminder to choose gratefulness over busyness and distraction. 
To be honest, it is so easy to complain about the things that we don’t have. Yet when we do this, we blind ourselves to all of the amazing things that we do have. The apostle Paul knew this struggle well. When writing to the church in Corinth, he knew they were struggling with all kinds of serious issues. And yet, he gave thanks to God for them (1 Cor 1:4). So much of our joy and health in relationships is tied to our practice of being grateful. 
So, this month especially, I want to encourage you to focus on having an attitude of gratitude. Perhaps you can sit down and write out some things you are grateful for. Share those things with the people who are specifically appreciative of. Also, I want to personally say thank you again to everyone involved at Canby Christian Church. I am so grateful to God for his work in and through you. I also want to encourage you to thank those around you who serve in this church body. If all of us together actively choose gratitude with one another, in this, we are demonstrating the love of Christ. 
Pastor Aaron Adame

A Wise Investment

Kari Johnson


by Kari Johnson, Kids Ministry Director


As I step into my role as the Children’s Ministry Director, I’m excited about the future here at CCC and the growth and maturity of our children. There are many things to focus on right away, but one thing I will be putting a lot of time and energy in is building consistency in our children’s program. In 1 Thessalonians 2:8, Paul writes “so we cared for you. Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well.”  These men lived among the Thessalonians sharing in God’s work and modeling what it’s like to live a life devoted to Christ. Not only did they show them, but they heavily and consistently invested in these people over a period of time. Their investment turned into great love and admiration for the people.
Kari and FamilyIf we are to love our children and apply the Proverb 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it,” we need to be devoted to the families and the children in our church. A very tangible way we can support our families is by being consistent in building a ministry where people are being strengthened spiritually and emotionally.  
The benefits of consistency in ministry affect our children, families, volunteers, and our church as a whole. When consistent leadership is provided for children, trust and safety grow steadily over time. It’s my hope that our children not only know stories in the Bible and understand God’s love for us, but also see Christ modeled in tangible ways. If we only share Bible stories with our kids and don’t invest in their lives through love, care, fun, and challenges, the likelihood of a lost faith increases.  
Consistency starts in you and me. The need is great to grow a ministry that has consistent, loving leaders who are willing to give up 90 minutes of their Sunday morning to come and invest in young lives. In a short time, I guarantee you will love serving and you will grow spiritually yourself. One of my favorite things in my previous position at Willamette Christian Church was seeing adults transition from a mindset of serving out of a need to serving out of love. When we answer God’s call to love and care for children, He is quick to bless. Don’t miss out on that blessing!  
I’ll leave you with a story of a young girl who moved to a whole new life when she was just 9. She left her friends, her extended family, and her home city. This transition was extremely difficult. But a year after moving, she found a place to belong.  She had two leaders who invested in her during a difficult, yet formative season of life. They were there every Sunday with a smile, great care, fun, and the intention of sharing Christ. Not one Bible lesson that was taught in that Sunday school room was remembered. What is remembered is how loved and cherished this girl was. I am this girl. And 30 years later, I still see Linda Enos’ beautiful smile and feel her warm embrace. It was all because she chose to make a small investment in my life. Thank you, Linda!
Will you step out in faith to consistently invest in the lives of our children? You will be well trained and supported. You will be encouraged in your own faith, I promise! Contact me to find out where you could start serving. I’m looking forward to building a strong children’s ministry where kids are loved and valued and families are well supported in this strenuous, yet rewarding season of life!  



Christ-Centered Difference Makers


by Connor Southerton, Ministry Assistant


We recently celebrated the faithfulness of God—not just for His faithfulness to our church here in Canby for 125 years, but for His faithfulness to the univeral Church for millennia. God has never failed to raise up the next generation, and He never will. With that in mind, we believe as a church, we can play a crucial role in raising up the next generation. As we look at students today, we see teenagers who are living in a culture unlike any before. This culture is one where nothing is safe from being challenged and scrutinized. The media, teachers, parents, friends, and others influence teenagers. The pressure they go through is enormous. Some influences are positive, but others are negative. Often, we see the negative outweighing the positive.
 To reach this generation, to partner with these students, and to help them walk in Christ, it’s crucial for us to understand who they are and what they are dealing with. Once we have done that, we can begin to formulate a strategy to effectively win lost students to Christ. We do this in three ways. First, by telling them about the love Jesus has for them. Second, train them to understand who Jesus is and what it means to be a follower of God. Third, effectively send them out into the world to spread the good news of Jesus. While these three steps manifest themselves in many different ways, I see this as the formula to following God in the work of raising up the next generation.
How we specifically do that becomes very detailed and is too much to outline here. But I will attempt to give an inside look into what we desire to do in the student’s ministry. We have two types of people we desire to be a part of our ministry: kids who attend our church who will graduate into the student’s ministry as they grow up and students who are in middle school/high school who do not know Jesus.
For those who have grown up in the church, we trust the process of our CCKids ministry, and understand that by the time they are in seventh grade they will have a basic understanding of biblical principles and stories. They may have accepted Jesus and been baptized by this point, or they may still be wrestling with the idea of having a personal relationship with Him. This plays a large role in how we structure our ministry.
As we understand today’s culture, we also understand that there are students who are in middle school or high school who do not know Jesus and have never had an opportunity to accept Him. This also plays a large role in the structure of our ministry.
Our middle school students meet every Wednesday after school, and our high schoolers meet Wednesday evening. The goal of these weekly meetings is to create a space that no matter where you are in your walk you feel welcome and you belong. This means we play loud music, play fun and energetic games, as well as offer a snack or meal to our students. We also have a teaching time, worship, and small group time. We desire this to be the time when students invite their peers. These weekly meetings serve as the foundation of our ministry and we build it out from there. 
On top of our weekly meetings we do many other things. I spend time in the schools weekly hanging out with students and serving our schools. We offer a student leadership opportunity for seniors, juniors, and select sophomores. This is an opportunity to build out leadership characteristics and deepen their biblical understanding. We also have mission trip opportunities and camp opportunities for our students throughout the summer. There is a lot more that we do as a church to reach, teach, and send the next generation out, but what I have outlined here is a small glimpse of some of the basics we do.
We exist to follow God in raising up the next generation of the church—not just take our place as the church, but to improve the reputation of believers, the influence of believers over culture, and the ability of believers to reach those far from God. We exist to build Christ-entered Difference Makers.




Mission: Love Your Workplace

Dave Howard

by Dave Howard, Elder


Okay, so the title is a bit of a play on words with our Uganda mission ministry—Mission: Love Uganda. We all understand missions when it comes to Uganda or Mexico. Mission trips involve months of planning, fundraising, serious prayer, studying the culture you will be visiting and spiritual preparation.  When we are in the “mission field” we expect that we are there to share the gospel, share the love of God, and tell people about Jesus.
Most of us don’t think of our workplace as a mission field, but it’s where we spend most of our waking hours. Why would we NOT see it as one of our primary opportunities to be witnesses for Jesus? Why don’t we prepare for the workplace mission field in the same we do for other mission trips? What would happen if we did?
Let me share just a couple of my experiences to encourage you to think about your purpose in your workplace differently than you may have in the past. 
Shine your LightMatt (not his real name) was a network administrator who worked for me. He was a single father raising a young son and an agnostic who thought of himself as Buddhist (complete with a large statue of Buddha on his desk). I spent time getting to know Matt on a personal basis. My son and I went with Matt and his son to hockey games, and I prayed for him regularly. I had shared aspects of my faith with him, but one day, while alone in the computer room, I began to tell him about my conversion and I asked if he wanted me to share more with him—he did. For the next hour we talked, uninterrupted (it was unheard of for the computer room to not have any calls or visitors for more than a few minutes). I asked Matt if he understood—he did; I asked him if he was ready to make a decision—he was not. But he knew the gospel and the rest was in God’s capable hands. Matt has stayed in touch with me for the past 20 years, still not having made a decision to accept Christ that I know of and I continue to pray for him.
James (his real name) was a laborer who worked for the petroleum product distributor I worked for in Alabama. James was a black man who had lived through a lot of prejudice in the Deep South but was one of the sweetest men you could meet. I loved listening to James talk about his life and family. James was diagnosed with diabetes and struggled for the next year with the disease. One day I met James walking across the parking lot on crutches. I went over to him and asked what was going on. He told me that gangrene had set in both of his feet, and he was going to have both feet amputated. After a short talk, I asked him if I could pray for him. He said that would be good and started to walk away (as if I was going to go home and pray for him). I told him “no, I mean right now,” and we stopped there in the middle of the parking lot and prayed together. God is so good! When we finished praying, James had tears streaming down his face and we hugged right there. That was the last time I saw James alive—he lost his battle with diabetes.  I didn’t realize at the time just how many people stood around and watched that prayer in the parking lot . . . but that’s another story.
I could fill pages with stories just like this. God has blessed me so greatly with the opportunity to share life, the gospel, and be His witness in the mission field of my work over the years. I also realize that I am employed for a purpose and how I perform my work, how I lead people and the integrity I display is a reflection of Jesus that people see and watch closely on a daily basis. Jesus was a carpenter, Paul a tentmaker, Peter a fisherman—but their work didn’t define their witness; their love for people and obedience to God did
  1. Pray for your co-workers, managers, customers, vendors and anybody else related to your work.
  2. Watch for God working in people’s lives and join Him in that work.
  3. Be as Christ-like as you can be in all of your workplace activities.
  4. Go on a mission to your workplace for God and change the world.


WE CARE Ministry

by the WE CARE Team
About us . . . The “We Care” ministry has been a part of Canby Christian Church 40 years. Just a youngster with a congregation celebrating it’s 125th, but we like to think that we’ve done some growing up over the years. 
What do we do? We are about showing compassion to those in need. Our priority is our members in crisis situations. Also, as God has led we have tried to help within our community. 
We know that caring compassion is being done individually all the time within our church family but occasionally we do things better collectively. 
Some of the assistance we have provided includes food, shelter, medical assistance, transportation, and counseling. We have a small food pantry we can draw from which includes a fridge and freezer. Money that has been donated is held in our church bank account to use as needs arise. 
Come November, we have our annual Food Drive which helps us stock our pantry and provide Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets to those in need. 
We feel that we are in good company with this work. Jesus said, “When you have done this (helped someone in need), to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.” The Apostle John said, “If anyone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need and refuses to help—how can God’s love be in that person?”
We regularly see God being lifted up and praised as we, through you, reach out with the love of Christ.
WE CARE Team Members:
Mike and Lynn Harris
ReDeen Vernon
Greg and Barb Newman

Teacher Sandy's Testimony

Sandy Poole

by Sandy Poole

I accepted my Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior in 1950. I was 12 years old and had wonderful parents who loved my Lord and raised me to love Him too. I can remember wanting to be obedient to Jesus at the time. He was just a way of life for me. 
Since then, I have had many chances to grow in my love of Jesus, to learn of God’s mercy, and to experience the Holy Spirit working in my life. Through all my joys, sorrows, sin, and backsliding, my Lord has brought me through because of His life He gave for me on the cross. Now that I am 80, I can look back and see how God was molding and making me into the person He wanted me to be. (I am still working on it—believe me!)
Seventeen years ago I was led into the 2’s and 3’s ministry through Rob Gepford. It was God’s will that I was needed one Sunday to fill in for a teacher who couldn’t make it. I am SO THANKFUL for that day! God called me into that ministry, and I pray I can continue until my days are over here on earth and I will meet Him at His Great White Throne of Glory.
Oh, how I love my sweet little ones! I pray for them daily. Many have grown up and are living lives that honor our Lord, and that brings me such joy! My little guys know that we always sing and talk about our Lord Jesus EVERY SUNDAY and they already know that He loved them so much that He gave His life for them.  We always pray together and each one of my cutie pies say their prayer (sometimes with help from me). We always look into God’s Holy Word and notice all the thousands of words He has given to help us. We say verses together and alone—for God loves to hear His words said aloud. 
I am so thankful for this ministry. I pray that I can continue on with my precious little ones as long as God has this in His plan for me.