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Aaron Adame
Lead Pastor

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Aaron Adame grew up in Southern California and lived there until God called him to the Pacific Northwest. In August 2017, Aaron became the Lead Pastor of Canby Christian Church and moved to Canby with his wife, Michelle, and their two daughters.
At the age of twenty, when religion was furthest from his mind, Aaron experienced the unimaginable—he became a Christian. It was all or nothing for Aaron, so when he accepted Christ, everything in his life changed, and his job was no exception.
After serving as a ministry assistant for six years, he became an ordained pastor at one of the largest and most influential churches in Southern California. He has filled many roles in the church, including leading high school students and small groups and launching a satellite campus. Most recently, he earned a bachelor’s degree in applied theology from California Baptist University and has plans for completing a Master’s Degree of Divinity.
Being the passionate person that he is, Aaron loves walking with God. He is devoted to being like Him, telling others about Him and walking in obedience to His Word and His will. Aaron loves everything about ministry, but especially enjoys seeing believers use their unique gifting and calling in the areas where they feel most passionate.
The church is the one thing he never knew he always wanted and needed. Though Aaron understands community is possible outside the church, he believes the Body of Christ is the only place where, ideally, a person can be honest and transparent and still be loved, accepted, and cared for—like a true family.
He may live close enough to Portland to be called “weird,” but that’s not what makes him the most peculiar. On the surface, Aaron looks like the typical American guy caught up in another episode of the Fixer Upper or watching one of his favorite movies like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. But you won’t find him chasing after the typical American Dream.
Aaron is a sojourner who’s not content to settle—a pilgrim aiming to please God, yet perfectly content in the center of God’s will. But he does admit, nine holes of golf followed by lunch with his family at the ¿Porqué No? Taqueria makes the journey all the sweeter.


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Neal Thorne
Associate Pastor
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Neal began his ministry at Canby Christian Church in January of 2007, and has served in a variety of roles on staff, while currently serving as an Associate Pastor. He moved to Oregon in 2005, but originally grew up in Pasco, WA.
Neal was deeply impacted by his involvement in a local church Youth Ministry, and decided to devote his life to the cause of the gospel in the local church.  Neal graduated from Puget Sound Christian College in 2005 with a BA in Christian Ministry and immediately started working in ministry. In his time in ministry, Neal has held roles in churches leading worship, preaching, coordinating missions trips, overseeing youth ministries, as well as managing administrative duties.  He currently oversees our ministry to Youth, as well as proving administrative direction and oversight for our church and staff.

Neal married Emily Thorne in 2006, and they have three children. Neal enjoys sports and sunshine, and loves anything that involves competition.  Neal loves to work hard and play hard. A perfect day in Neal's life would involve his family, outside in the sun, possibly riding quads with his children or working on projects around the house. He loves his Jesus, his wife, and his family.  Neal's favorite verse is Galatians 2:20, as he looks to it to remind him that his life is a conduit for the love of Jesus.

For I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in my body, I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself up for me.

Neal's favorite movie is Top Gun. Movies at home with his wife is a favorite of his.  While they married in 2006, Neal and Emily met initially on a missions trip in 1999.  Neal enjoys a good card game, and board games like Settlers of Catan, Cribbage, and Pinochle.  

Kody Antisdel
Pastor of Students and Worship

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Kody Antisdel is the new Pastor of Worship and Youth at Canby Christian Church. Kody was born and raised in a Christian home in Vancouver, WA. While there were ups and downs to his faith journey, he always felt God’s call on his life and has been a devoted disciple of Jesus since young adulthood. Kody can’t point to an instant where something clicked and everything changed. Rather he sees how God has been consistently pruning and shaping him, little by little, into Christ’s likeness (with quite a bit of shaping yet to be done, of course).
Kody and his wife, Emily, have been married for 10 years. Emily is the Director of Operations for a small missions organization called Go Inc. Together they have two wonderful daughters. Tylinn, age 7, is sweet, kind, and generous. Rylee, age 5, is joyful, strong and loving. They have a strong influence on who Kody has become and he is blessed to love, support, and empower them with his life.

Kody has a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry from Hope International University and continues to have an appetite for learning and discovering, especially when it comes to ministry and spiritual growth. He has served as a pastor in the Pacific Northwest since 2011 in worship, youth, small groups, and associate pastor roles.
As a younger, less mature Christian Kody began to pursue music ministry simply as a way to play music every day. But as he grew in his passion for Jesus, he discovered that he didn’t want to just lead people in songs of worship but to lead people into living lives of worship. Kody has been growing in his passion for meaningful discipleship and spiritual growth ever since. He loves to join fellow Christians in praising God and to inspire people to take their worship beyond the walls of the church, into their homes, work places, schools and neighborhoods.
Kody is also excited to connect with the Middle School and High School students here in Canby. He has always loved seeing young men and women begin to own and personalize their faith in Jesus and Kody is privileged to play a role in seeing that happen in the lives of Canby’s youth.

Most of all, Kody has been impressed with the incredible volunteers that are already serving in his ministry areas and has felt incredibly welcomed.  He is eager to jump in and build on the momentum that is already present and see what God is going to do in these dynamic ministries of Canby Christian Church.


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Kari Johnson
Kids Ministry Director

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Kari joined the staff October of 2018 to serve as the Kids Ministry Director of Canby Christian Church.  Her primary role on staff is to to develop Sunday morning kids ministry programs for children age 0 through Grade 6.

More information coming soon.


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Melody Roberts 
Office Manager

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Melody has lived in Oregon for the past twenty-one years, but her Hoosier roots still reveal themselves in many ways—most obviously in her writing. She enjoys crafting novels about Indiana, which keeps her connected to her home state. In addition to story writing, Melody expresses her faith, either in a devotion or prose style, in her monthly blog.
Besides writing, Melody also loves reading good books—especially historical. Among her favorite authors are Julie Klassen, Sarah Ladd, Lynn Austin, and Melanie Dickerson.
For Melody, friendships in the church are like no other friendships. At Canby Christian church, she appreciates the fellowship she shares with other believers and sees the way God works through His people. As a 4’s and 5’s Sunday school teacher, she knows age is no barrier for God’s message. In fact, many times she’s found herself to be the student to some very wise young people.
Different verses have spoken to her over the years, but Philippians 4:6-7 is one that brings her great comfort:
 “. . . do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”
Something else about Melody:
She loves light-hearted romantic comedies, but one of her favorites will always be You’ve Got Mail—not so much for the storyline and fabulous music—but for the fond memory she has of her son at nine months old mimicking Tom Hanks’ character because she’d played the movie so many times!




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